Clear blue digital with week predictor-unpacked!

Since my very first viable pregnancy (my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage) I’ve been addicted to taking pregnancy tests.

Along the way I’ve picked up a few favourites that, for me at least, have always been accurate and trustworthy.

But my FAVOURITE by far is the ‘ ClearBlue Digital test with weeks indicator ‘ I love the fact that not only does it give me a black and white answer, but also if pregnant, tells me how far I am and another added bonus, If my HCG levels are rising like they should.

Since being an obsessive pee on a stick addict! not only do I love taking these tests, I also love taking them apart! And I know ( and I think like any other anxious mummy to be or trying to conceive couple) I am not alone in that. In fact, after a quick Google, I can see lot’s of desperate for answers momma’s doing the same thing.

So I thought I’d show you my dismantled positive clear blue test and explain what the test strips mean. If the pregnancy successfully continues, I will update with the growing weeks and strip results!

So this is the test result from today. I am currently 4 weeks pregnant excatly.
My HCG levels will still be very low (probably about 10) but will be expected to double every two days. The pregnant sign came up before the week indicator and the weeks followed about 20 seconds later
And here are the strips side by side. The paler result is indicating I am pregnant, but as you can see by how faint that line, it is still very early days. The bottom line is the high sensitivity strip so this indicates I am pregnant and is darker due to sensitivity of it.
Here is an explanation of what the inside of the test does.

And here are the HCG levels needed for your week indicator to increase!

It was actually using these tests in my very first pregnancy that indicated to me my pregnancy wasn’t going to be successful. At 6 Weeks my test was still showing 1-2 weeks and I knew my HCG levels where not rising the way they should. Although upsetting the blow wasn’t as bad as it would of been if I was blissfully unaware.

Update: 2-3 week test results

This is taken 2 days since my missed period. My HCG levels are rising fast! Which would explain the early onset of nausea.

Still not much of a dark second line that indicates the weeks, but the level has rose enough for the the week indicator to push me along to the second week. You can see a comparison between the test lines here. The newest test being the ones on the left.
Achieved at 5 weeks excatly
The lines are all similar colour now as the HCG level has risen

So there you have it. I know how anxious pregnancy is, especially for first time mom’s, or trying to conceive after loss.

But hopefully this will explain what those darn test result inside mean (it is advised not to dismantle it due to people confused by the results, as usually no matter what, even with a negative, you will still get one dark line and TWO very faint lines)

Too often I see people searching for clarity on the meaning of the lines inside these tests, so I’ll happily be a willing subject to show and explain.

Happy peeing & baby dust to all!

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