Tis the season to be SPOOKED!

It’s been 3 days since I found out I am expecting again!

3 days of mentally preparing myself for the next few months to come. The thought of having to take prenatal tablets again is already triggering my gag reflex, why do they have to make them so big?? Do they not realise even the slightest smell can make us hug the toilet for days on end, let alone having to swallow a tablet the size of a small boat.

3 days of thinking the biggest suprise I could prepare myself for had already graced itself, but I was wrong! I think this is becoming a common theme.

Yesterday morning I received a text that sent my anxiety into overload- I had been exposed to someone close to me who has tested positive for coronavirus and was told to self isolate for 14 days.

October really is spooky season!!

So now my children have been pulled out of school while we self isolate until after half term. My son is thrilled, my daughter knows no different, I on the other hand, want to pull my hair out as I listen to them fight over every possible thing they can.

I drove to the nearest test center as soon as I found out, I didn’t want to chance a thing. Given the current circumstances and the fact I’d been slightly coughing this last week (although I put it down to anxiety of finding out I was pregnant) I thought it would be beneficial to know if I had the virus or not.

My eyes watered and I gagged something rotten as the mini toilet brush like swab rubbed against my tonsils. Eyes streaming as I tried to do this for 10 seconds and then another 15 seconds as I pushed it around my nose making me sneeze and flinch.

It was a surreal experience watching other cars pull up and have to do the same thing. My son giggled in the back as he watched myself and others tackle our tonsils and be defeated by our built in reflexes. The lady in the car next to us was having a terrible time doing her swab. Much to my son’s amusement as I shouted at him to give her some privacy.

So now we are locked in for 14 days, but if it means keeping myself and others safe I am happy to abide! Not sure my weight will appreciate 14 days of netflix and chill, but I guess rest in these next coming months are a luxury worth taking advantage of.

I would be very surprised if the test did come back positive…but given my track record I think it’s best to expect the unexpected.

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