Mini victory, but not quite out the waters just yet…

It’s not every night I receive an email that fills me with dread! Usually most email’s I receive are off a stranger from Zimbabwe with poor English grammar telling me my long lost uncle Silas has left me his inheritance and all I have to do is send over my bank details to enjoy his hard earned cash. What can I say, blessed I guess….

But last night, in the dead of night, 20 minutes before the witching hour, an email pinged through that made my stomach leap with anticipation, no, it wasn’t that I was unknowingly sitting on a fortune if I just send some stranger my bank details. It was something far more intriguing… my test results from my recent Corona virus test had arrived (Read here)

BFN!!! (big fat negative)

A confliction of feelings rushed through my body. One part of me glad that baby bean and I are ok, but another part of me worried I still may have the virus brewing inside my body – not rearing it’s ugly head yet.

I’ve been told to continue isolating for 14 day’s from the last point of contact with my friend who has the virus, which I will happily abide by. You don’t have to tell me twice to stay indoors and relax.

But now I am praying that I REALLY AM virus free and this isn’t some sort of calm before the storm, false sense of security, another suprise positive.

So for now I will be thankful for my health, my house & my immune system. 💪 let’s pray i make this through Unscathed!!

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