I took the Ella One Morning After Pill & still got pregnant…

What’s the saying? The only two thing’s guaranteed in life are Death & Taxes? Well, the older I am getting, the more I am starting to realise this truth. No matter how much I plan and try to navigate my way through this crazy journey called life, there are always going to be unexpected curve balls and paths I didn’t anticipate going down.

I’d never taken this pill before and whether it was a miscalculation on my part, or mother nature deciding a very different plan for my life, the pill failed. which according to the stats is 9 in 1000 women.

Covid has interrupted a lot of things & one on one communication is one of them. The day I needed to get the pill, instead of speaking to a pharmacist directly, I decided to buy the pill online before hand and then go and collect from the store as soon as they notified me it was ready to collect. I thought this would be the safest and quickest option for everyone involved.

In order to get the right treatment for my pill, I had to put in when my last period was and when I’d last had unprotected sex. The computer then matched me to the pill that was going to be most effect, Ella One and at £33, it was also the most expensive! This didn’t bother me though, it was through our carelessness that we where in this situation and I was grateful for the options available!

As soon as I received the pill I took it. I felt a little nauseous the next few days as it stays in your system for up to 5 days and delays your ovulation, but evidently, I must have already ovulated? And the pill in essence was a waste of time.

A nagging feeling told me to keep the pill directions just incase anything was to happen, but I thought my chances would be quite low. With my first two children it took me 6 months with both to get pregnant and with this being the first and only time in a month I thought I’d definitely of dodged a bullet.

I was in fact, very wrong.

So after registering my pregnancy with Ella One ( for data purposes which is encouraged on there sheet, I am assuming to keep record of there pills affectivity) I have also read I need to get an examination with a doctor to check the pregnancy is developing in the correct place.

So fingers crossed everything is okay and little bean, although a suprise and shock, is growing in the right place. Sometimes the best things in life are ones that are unexpected! I will keep you upto date with the outcome.

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