Early pregnancy scan and hemorrhage….

So, today I went to my EPU (early pregnancy unit) for a viability scan. My doctor, who has been a gem! Sorted out an appointment after realising I had conceived after a failed prevention (MAP)

My husband managed to attend too, so that grounded me and put me at ease as I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

The lady who did my internal ultrasound was lovely. She talked me through the whole process and even when she saw things that concerned her, she told me about them and reassured me.

So what did we see? Well, the baby, thankfully, is developing where it is meant to, which is obviously a big relief. I am too early for the ultrasound to detect a heartbeat, but embro and yok sack where visable! Just the ONE baby, which again, another big relief! But, what she did pick up on was a small hemorrhage called a subchorionic hemorrhage near the womb which measured at 1cc.

subchorionic bleed (also known as a subchorionic hematoma) is the accumulation of blood between the uterine lining and the chorion (the outer fetal membrane, next to the uterus) or under the placenta itself. It can cause light to heavy spotting or bleeding, but it may not.

So this means I will have to go back next week to keep an eye on the bleed and also to see if little bean gets a heartbeat!

So my next post will be next week updating if this pregnancy is viable. The only thing encouraging me right now is the fact I have started with horrible all day nausea, so I know my HCG levels are rising as expected!

Love & Baby dust to all ✨

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