Do I really need to enjoy my pregnancy?

You often hear about pregnancy being an amazing experience, one we should treasure and enjoy with every ounce of our being. Creating life is a gift and we should enjoy it all the more if we are able to conceive without issues. But realistically, if you experience pregnancy like me, especially in the first trimester…Continue reading “Do I really need to enjoy my pregnancy?”

Early pregnancy scan and hemorrhage….

So, today I went to my EPU (early pregnancy unit) for a viability scan. My doctor, who has been a gem! Sorted out an appointment after realising I had conceived after a failed prevention (MAP) My husband managed to attend too, so that grounded me and put me at ease as I wasn’t quite sureContinue reading “Early pregnancy scan and hemorrhage….”

Mini victory, but not quite out the waters just yet…

It’s not every night I receive an email that fills me with dread! Usually most email’s I receive are off a stranger from Zimbabwe with poor English grammar telling me my long lost uncle Silas has left me his inheritance and all I have to do is send over my bank details to enjoy hisContinue reading “Mini victory, but not quite out the waters just yet…”


Complete, i told myself. God had blessed me with a Boy & Girl and i swore to myself i’d never have another. 18 months of my life i’d allowed and very much wanted my body to be hijacked by these loved and cherished energy vampires…i mean babies. But, pregnancy is a tough road and MotherhoodContinue reading “Unexpected…”